Refreshed, energized, and rejuvinated

The world is full of a lot of stress and it is easy to get run down and exhausted, so when I find things in life that refresh me, I try to do them as often as I can. Whenever I feel stressed I like to do one of three things. I take a short 20 minute nap to recharge my batteries, take a hot shower, or bake a yummy treat (and then eat it of course).

Naps are honestly one of the best things in life. If I’m crabby, or I’m having a bad day, I take a nap, and when I wake up it’s like a new start to my day.

If I just need a break or have something that I need to think over, or an important decision I need to make (like what college to go to) I like to take a long hot shower. There is just something about standing under hot water that seems to help me think clearer.

Whenever I’m sad or I’m just sick of my day, I’ll bake some type of treat. I love baking cookies, pies, brownies, cakes, and really anything that is generally bad for me. It just makes me feel better and always seems to put me back in a good mood.

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2 thoughts on “Refreshed, energized, and rejuvinated

  1. lacharlies813 says:

    I kinda like this post and what you gave as the reply you can’t always feel depressed, disscouraged all the time you need to constantly refresh yourself, enegize yourself all the time lots of folks don’t realize that ‘no one makes you happier that you do’

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