Time After Time: Family Traditions

My favorite family tradition started before I was born. Every year we decorate our Christmas tree the same way. We even have a running list of jobs that each person has to do. We have an artificial tree, and we all take a day and put up the tree. We set it up and then my dad, my sister, and I walk around in a circle putting the lights on. After the lights are on, whoever’s turn it is on the gets to plug in the lights to make sure they work. After that, each of us kids get to put on our own ornaments. Finally, whooever’s turn it is to put on the star will put on the star, and then the final kid will plug it all in so it’s lit up. Then my mom and the three of us kids will go in the kitchen and make home made pizza for supper. When the pizza is done and my dad is done feeding the cattle, we lay a blanket down in our living room and eat our pizza while we watch a Christmas movie.

While this is my favorite traditon, it hasn’t been the same it quite some time. My brother and my sister have both moved to Colorado. My sister comes home for Christmas every year, but my brother only comes every other year. Him and his wife alternate between her family in Kentucky and coming here.

Even though we aren’t together putting up the tree like we used to be when we were younger, it will always be my favorite tradition.


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