“And All Would Be Right With the World”

If the unicorns would have made it on to Noah’s ark in time, we would still be appreciating their beauty and grace today. Everything would be happier. There would be more rainbows in the world and everything would be brighter and happier. Everyone would be more cheerful. The unicorns would cause everyone to be so happy that no one would be at war and no one would commit crimes. There would be less car accidents because people could ride their flying unicorns from place to place. And everybody knows that the only way unicorns can fly is if their rider is happy. My question is to you, who wouldn’t be happy if they were riding a flying unicorn?

In summary, if the unicorns would have made it to Noah’s ark on time, people would be happier, the world would be brighter, and all would be right with the world.

Daily Prompt


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