Hallway Tunes

I have noticed through out my time in my high school that between classes, if you listen, there is always someone singing a song. It may have been the song that was on the radio when they were driving to school that morning, or a song that they woke up with in their head. Whatever it was, they have no shame letting every one else know what it is.

Right away in the morning, there might be one person singing a song. Or, if it was the song on the radio that morning, there may be a whole tribe with the same song stuck in their head. Maybe there are numerous songs being sung between advisement and first period. Then, slowly throughout the day, you will notice that more and more people start singing the same song. If there were numerous songs that morning, whoever sang the loudest has usually won out by lunch. By the end of the day almost every one has the same song stuck in their head. If you’re the first person that was singing a song that morning, it is almost considered a personal victory. You have successfully gotten one song stuck in every one’s head.

It is almost like, if you want to know what song is the most popular that week among the high school crowd, just come and hang out in our hallways. By the end of the day, not only will you know the song by heart, you will also never want to hear that song again.

Honestly, it is one of my favorite parts of walking from class to class. It puts me in a good mood, because the singling is never really that good. But it will always make you laugh.


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