Last Words

Well guys, it’s been real.
I’ve learned a lot.
This blog has been a really nice outlet for me to let out my thoughts and my feelings.

To those who read my blog:
Thanks for reading my blog posts and for supporting me.
Thanks for your comments and your likes.
I have enjoyed getting to know you through words and through your thoughts.
I will miss you all.

To those who didn’t:
As Taylor Swift says –
Haters gonna hate.

Daily Prompt


Fight or Flight

My strongest memory of heart pounding adrenaline and nervousness is from my freshmen year. I was 16 years old and was on my way to pick up a friend of mine to go shopping. I was about a mile down her gravel road and was running late (So i was probably going a little faster than I should have been) and I saw a deer right in the middle of the road. I swerved to miss it and I lost control. I fishtailed and nose dived into the ditch, my back end flipping over the front end.

I don’t remember a lot about how exactly I got out of the car, but I remember reaching for my phone and trying to call 911, but I had no service. I remember thinking to myself, “How long can a person survive hanging upside down.”

After my initial panic attack and freak out, I composed myself and started thinking rationally. I rolled down my window and I braced one hand up on the roof for all of my weight was resting on that hand. With the other one, I reached down and unbuckled my seatbelt. I know that somehow I fell onto the roof and crawled out, but I really don’t remember how that all happened. The next thing I knew I was standing on the shoulder of the road trying to call my dad. I called my dad, no answer. I called my mom, no answer. I called my house, no answer. So I called my friend, who was only 15 at the time, and she came and got me.

Later on, I had to go back to where it happened, and I had to talk to the police and give a statement and go over everything over and over and over. Which was frustrating because I honestly didn’t remember most of it. Over the next couple of days the details started coming back little by little, but there are still things that I don’t remember.

Now, every time I drive that road, I go a little slower and my heart pounds a little faster.

Daily Prompt

perfect shots

In three perfect shots I can describe the evolving of my family.

1. All five of us lived at home. My dad was, and is, a farmer. My mom stayed at home with us kids. My brother was in high school. My sister was in 5th grade. I was in third grade. We would spend our nights going to football and basketball games to watch my brother play.

2. Four are left. My brother went to college. My dad farming. My mom still stayed at home most of the time, but substitute taught preschool when they needed her. My sister went 6th grade through 12th grade. I went 4th grade through 10th grade. We went anywhere and everywhere. To junior high games, to high school games, and to speech meets. You name it we were there. We went to visit my brother in college and when he graduated we moved him to Colorado where we go visit him and his wife.

3. Down to three. My sister graduated and went to college. Now it’s just me at home. My sister lives in Colorado now too, so my parents and I are there a lot. I go to track meets, basketball games, and speech meets. Also, a lot of college visits.

…A peek into the future: After this year, there will be two. I am graduating and heading to college in the fall. My parents will more than likely spend a lot of time traveling. To visit me, and to visit my other siblings (especially whenever it is that my brother and his wife decided to start having kids).

A lot has changed, and at the same time, a lot has remained the same.

Daily Prompt


The last time I felt really lonely was yesterday at the Denver airport. We weren’t sure how bad the roads were going to be or how busy the airport was going to be because a lot of flights, including mine, had gotten canceled the night before. So, my sister dropped me off 2 hours early. When I got to the airport, I checked in, checked my bag, went through security and found my gate within 15 minutes. So, I had almost two hours to kill all by myself in an airport full of strangers.

Then, when I got on the plane, my seat was between two guys that I didn’t know, and I had another two hours to kill on the plane.

I think that in the duration of those 4 hours I said a total of about 5 sentences. It was a little overwhelming and definitely lonely to say the least.

daily prompt

Travel Colorado

I currently have a sister, a brother, and a sister – in – law living in Denver, CO. Along with an aunt and uncle and a few cousins living throughout the state. So, I visit there a lot. I have been going to Colorado to visit my brother since 2010. My sister moved there this past summer. I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge about Denver and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to travel Colorado, here are a few ideas:

Dillon, Colorado:
Dillion is a small town nestled in the mountains, centered around Lake Dillion. My family and I went there this summer, and I cannot say enough good things about it. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway with a view that can not even be described, Dillion is your place.
The lake is as clean as can be. While, people are not allowed to swim in it (who would want to? burrrr), you are allowed to Kyak, paddle board, rent a sail boat, etc. and use the lake in that way. Also, every Friday and Saturday night there is live music played out on a stage by the lake, walking distance from a beach.
It is also conveniently located just 45 minutes from the busy and beautiful town of Breckenridge.
I really can’t say enough good things about my time spent in Dillion.


Lodos Restaraunt:
Lodos is located near downtown Denver. If you are looking for great food, this is where you want to be. However, there is more to it than that! In the summer time, you can sit out on their second story deck, and enjoy a beautiful view of both the mountains and the Denver skyline while you eat your delicious meal.

Fort Collins, CO:
I am in love with the little city. Disney Land’s shops and town area is modeled after this city’s charming downtown.
I was in Fort Collins in November, so everything was lit up with Christmas lights and was absolutely amazing to see.
While you are there, look out for the old school arcade. This is where my siblings and I spent a few hours of our night. Exchanging dollar bills for quarters and playing games like Pac Man, Ski Ball, Air Hockey, and every other old school arcade game that you can think of.
Fort Collins is such a charming and quaint place to spend an evening. There is something for every age. I promise you will not get bored.

41st Street Mall:
41st Street is right in the middle of downtown Denver. It is filled with different stores, restaraunts, and things to do. In the winter time, there is an outdoor ice rink set up for anyone to use, and there are shows there every now and then on weekend nights.

One thing that I really like about Colorado is that there are bike trails and running trails going almost anywhere you want to go. With such a beautiful climate, no one wants to be stuck inside, so there are a variety of things for you to do outdoors.

Also, throughout Denver and the surrounding areas, you will run into random pianos that are painted vibrant colors just sitting on the sidewalks or in alleys. The idea of this, is for people to sit down and play, to fill the city with it’s residents music.

Use It Or Lose It

(Fiction Story)

John and I were headed in different directions. Literally. After graduation he was headed to the East Coast, and I was headed West. We told ourselves and each other that we could make it work. That we would figure it out. Every time I said it, I wondered how many broken relationships had said that in the past. I believed it though, and I think he did too.

Graduation came and went and so did we. The first couple months of being apart were hard, but managable. We talked on the phone, we facetimed, and we texted.

We came home for Christmas and thought everything would be rainbows and butterflies for a few weeks. They were, at first. Seeing each other every day. Getting to have real, uninterrupted conversations face to face. It was great.

Then, he asked me to move to the East Coast. He asked me what was so important out west that was keeping me there.
“School,” I replied.
He told me that there were schools out east. That I didn’t really need to be in school out west.
But I did. I couldn’ explain it in a way that he would understand. In a way that would make him see how important it was that I be on my own for awhile.
If I could have explained it, maybe we wouldn’t have fought like we did. We have had arguments before, like all relationships do, but this one was different. I didn’t think there was any coming back from that one.

The holidays ended, and we went our opposite ways with so much tension between us, I think our home town was grateful we were leaving. We still loved each other of course, and we still said we were going to make it work. We still believed it…at least I did, and that was all the comfort that I had on my long flight back to school.

When I landed I called him, knowing that he was supposed to land an hour before I did. When he answered he sounded tired, like he had just run a marathon without getting any sleep the night before. We talked for a few minutes while I walked to my car. We hung up and I drove back to school.

I parked my car and walked to my dorm. I got to my room, keys in hand. Seeing it was partially open, I thought that my roommate must have gotten back a day early.

I opened the door, and hauled my luggage in. I flipped on the light and turned towards my bed.

“I told you we could make it work.” He said, “It is too important for you to be here. There is nothing out east that is worth losing you over.”

And I cried.

Daily Prompt


If I could uninvent one thing, I would undo Obamacare. I don’t agree with the bill and I don’t agree with what it stands for. I understand that it would be very nice for everyone to have health care, and it’s great for them. But, it has such negative affects on the middle class. Our insurance premiums are being raised to unreasonable prices. It has become barely affordable for us to have health care as upper middle class citizens. Yet, we don’t qualify for Obamacare. Like so many things in the world, it is almost becoming encouraged to live in poverty, because you get more benefits.

I am in no way cutting down those who live in poverty. I understand that in most cases it can not be helped. However, through things like Obamacare, it is almost making poverty more common because it is forcing middle class citizens to pay fees that most can not afford.

Daily Prompt

What Should I Do For Lent?

It’s that time of year, where people start asking each other the question, “What are you giving up for lent?”
I myself have asked this question to just about everyone I know at one time or another. But, as I thought about asking it this year, I wondered two things.
1. What if it isn’t about what you give up?
2. Why am I basing my actions off of other people’s choices?
So this year, I have tried to put more thought into lent on my own than I normally have.
Yes, I am still going to give something up, because I am a track athlete and lent happens to land in the midst of track season, it’s a good way to get myself to eat healthier during the season. This year, I am going to give up sweets. This means anything chocolate, cake, cookies, pie, bars, candy, everything.
In addition to that, I am going to start making my bed every morning. The only person this really affects is me, because no one else ever goes into my room, but not making my bed is a bad habit I have developed over the years. I would like to kick that habit before going to college and living in a dorm. Making my bed will just make my room look cleaner and help keep my sheets cleaner longer.
Also, I am going to aim to do at least two unnecessary acts of kindness every day. Just little trivial things that make my day when others do it for me. Like, holding a door for me, or carrying something for me. Waving to people as I drive by them or smiling and saying hi to people when I pass them in the hallway or on the street. If i go to a drive through, maybe pay it forward and pay for the person’s meal behind me a few times.
Things that people never really think about doing and don’t think anything of doing them when they do. Things that make others smile, and also, when you think about it, make your day too.
Lent should be a time of year that everyone turns in ward and works on themselves and who they are vs who they want to be.
I encourage people to stop asking others what they are doing for lent, and start asking yourself who you want to be, and what you can do this lent to get yourself closer to being that person.

Sliced Bread

I think that the coolest thing since sliced bread would be food courts.
Seriously! The BEST idea anyone ever had the idea to put a bunch of different kinds of foods in one place is a GENIUS.
It solves so many arguements, and can satisfy almost anyone!
Honestly, it saves so much time, and makes SO MUCH SENSE! It is so exciting and there is so much freedom in it. So many options and choices. You can even mix and match. If you want Mexican and Chinese and Italian, you can do that! Who ever thought of food courts in honestly my hero.
Daily Prompt

Buffalo Nickel

The first penny I found was from the year 2002. In 2002, I was 6 years old. I was in kindergarten. So I was probably learning how to read and write a little bit. I was probably doing some math too.
I had my first crush in kindergarten. His name was Jarod. We “Dated” From kindergarten until the winter of my 8th grade year.
Also, in 2002, I was going to high school basketball games to watch my brother play.
I was picking my nose, and maybe peeing my pants a few times.

Other than that, i honestly don’t remember 2002.

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