Breaking the Law

I don’t see how anyone would think that talking on the internet about the last time they broke a law is a good idea. Especially in a bigger way than going over the speed limit or J-walking.

The next thing you know, a teenager talks about getting away with underage drinking or stealing from Wal Mart, and someone reads the post that knows the kid’s parents and one thing leads to another and they end up in deep doo doo.

I could talk on here about things I have done that would be considered questionable in the eyes of the law, but I won’t, because putting that type of thing out there on the internet is never a smart idea. If a few years from now my future employer finds this blog and starts to read about rebellious things I have done, it wouldn’t shed a good light on who I actually am.

I’m a teenager, and like all teenagers I have obviously made some questionable choices and done some not so perfect things. However, that doesn’t mean that I should air my dirty laundry on the internet for someone to dig up later and use against me.

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