No, Thanks

There are a lot of beautiful places in the world today. Every place has it’s own kind of beauty. Whether it’s the plains of Iowa, where you can see a watercolor sunset for miles. The coast off of North Carolina,  where you may walk for miles on sandy beaches, digging your toes into the warm soft sand, listening to the melodic sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Or the Glacier Mountains of Montana, with rolling views of breath taking landscape in every directions.

While there is incredible views all over the world,  there are also places in the world that I would never want to visit. For example, I would never want to visit Bejiing. While I am sure that it has it’s own beauty, like all places do, it is too crowded for me. With the buildings suffocatingly close together, and so many people that you can be pushed, pulled, and shoved all at the same time until your body is screaming to be left alone, and traffic jams so long, the wind around like a modern day Great Wall of China.

I am a small town Iowa girl who needs space to run and quiet to relax. I place as busy and crowded as Bejiing is no place for a girl like me.

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