First Light

My first thought this morning, as usual, was: Can I just stay here and sleep today?

As a senior in high school who is involved in activities after school, there is very little time for anything other than school, activities, homework and however much sleep I can manage to snag. I can’t even tell you the last time I sat down at my kitchen table and had a normal meal on a week day.

I have an internal arguement with myself every morning about whether or not I can stay in bed an extra ten minutes.

“Do I really need to put on make up?”

“My hair doesn’t have to be straightened today..”

“I don’t really have to shower do I? I won’t smell that bad..”

Every morning it’s the same thing. The arguement itself takes about five minutes. Then, as usual, I get up, and get ready. (I shower I promise) and go on with my day.

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