What Should I Do For Lent?

It’s that time of year, where people start asking each other the question, “What are you giving up for lent?”
I myself have asked this question to just about everyone I know at one time or another. But, as I thought about asking it this year, I wondered two things.
1. What if it isn’t about what you give up?
2. Why am I basing my actions off of other people’s choices?
So this year, I have tried to put more thought into lent on my own than I normally have.
Yes, I am still going to give something up, because I am a track athlete and lent happens to land in the midst of track season, it’s a good way to get myself to eat healthier during the season. This year, I am going to give up sweets. This means anything chocolate, cake, cookies, pie, bars, candy, everything.
In addition to that, I am going to start making my bed every morning. The only person this really affects is me, because no one else ever goes into my room, but not making my bed is a bad habit I have developed over the years. I would like to kick that habit before going to college and living in a dorm. Making my bed will just make my room look cleaner and help keep my sheets cleaner longer.
Also, I am going to aim to do at least two unnecessary acts of kindness every day. Just little trivial things that make my day when others do it for me. Like, holding a door for me, or carrying something for me. Waving to people as I drive by them or smiling and saying hi to people when I pass them in the hallway or on the street. If i go to a drive through, maybe pay it forward and pay for the person’s meal behind me a few times.
Things that people never really think about doing and don’t think anything of doing them when they do. Things that make others smile, and also, when you think about it, make your day too.
Lent should be a time of year that everyone turns in ward and works on themselves and who they are vs who they want to be.
I encourage people to stop asking others what they are doing for lent, and start asking yourself who you want to be, and what you can do this lent to get yourself closer to being that person.


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