perfect shots

In three perfect shots I can describe the evolving of my family.

1. All five of us lived at home. My dad was, and is, a farmer. My mom stayed at home with us kids. My brother was in high school. My sister was in 5th grade. I was in third grade. We would spend our nights going to football and basketball games to watch my brother play.

2. Four are left. My brother went to college. My dad farming. My mom still stayed at home most of the time, but substitute taught preschool when they needed her. My sister went 6th grade through 12th grade. I went 4th grade through 10th grade. We went anywhere and everywhere. To junior high games, to high school games, and to speech meets. You name it we were there. We went to visit my brother in college and when he graduated we moved him to Colorado where we go visit him and his wife.

3. Down to three. My sister graduated and went to college. Now it’s just me at home. My sister lives in Colorado now too, so my parents and I are there a lot. I go to track meets, basketball games, and speech meets. Also, a lot of college visits.

…A peek into the future: After this year, there will be two. I am graduating and heading to college in the fall. My parents will more than likely spend a lot of time traveling. To visit me, and to visit my other siblings (especially whenever it is that my brother and his wife decided to start having kids).

A lot has changed, and at the same time, a lot has remained the same.

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