Just a Dream

I stood and stared at the three doors. The green one reminded me of spring, it wasn’t the scary type of green, or the gross kind, but a nice cheery bright kind of green. The red one reminded me of roses, but it also reminded me of blood. For that reason I was a little afraid of it. The third one was black. A deep, rich, wet looking black, with a brass doorknob that looked as if it was weighing the door down. I was not going to choose that door, for the fear that whatever was behind it was just as dark.

The green door seemed to me to be the obvious choice, and for that reason, I chose the red one.

I walked to the door and grasped the cold handle. I drew in a deep breath and turned it in my hand. I heard a click, and I pushed it open. I’m sure it was a normal door, from the looks of it, it couldn’t have weighed more than my bedroom door at home, but it took all of my might to push it open.

It looked like a normal room. Four white walls and a ceiling. A glass of water sitting in the center on the floor. I knew from watching my fair share of TV shows not to drink the water. So i chose to sit, right next to the water, and wait.

Time passed slowly, and for that reason I am not sure how much time passed at all before I turned back to look at the red door. It had shrunk to the size of my pinky nail, and I knew that there was no way out.

When I turned back, I took notice of three more doors that had appeared in front of me.

The first one was Black. The second one was Black. The third one was Black. I was screwed.

Daily Prompt


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