Punctuation (In rebellion to today’s prompt)

I didn’t like today’s daily prompt so instead, I’m going to talk about my punctuatuion.

I have a serious addiction to commas. I am a huge fan of the long, run on type of sentence. Sometimes I just place commas in sentences that don’t have to be there just because I think it would be a great addition. In addition to that, I haaatteeeee semi colons and colons. I don’t really use exclamation points either. I like to ask questions and use question marks, but that is just because I am a curious person. However, I LOVE commas.

I am one of those people who in real life, I could talk and talk forever about nothing if you let me. I think that that is where I get it from. I just ramble on about stuff in long sentences.

If I write a paper, after it is all written I go back and read through it. When I do, I have so many long sentences that are unnecessary and could easily be broken down into normal size sentences. It’ just that when I get on a role, I don’t have time for sentences stuff. I just go on and on and on until I’m done.

Daily Prompt


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