A House Divided

Elton John has led a boycott of Dolce and Gabbana after they made a statement saying they are against in vitro vertilization. Saying that they have traditional views and that some things in life should not be altered.

The hashtag #boycottdolceandgabbana is trending on twitter, and support for the boycott in growing. Sir Elton John has two children both by a surrogate mother. He and his husband are offended by the claim because they take it as a personal jab against their two children. They, along with many other people, think that they have every right to have children with their own genes, even though they can not make them naturally or without science.

The other side, of Dolce and Gabbana, they believe that all children should be born naturally, and that there are so many un wanted children already, why not just adopt them if you can’t have children of your own.

Personally, I struggle with this topic. I am a Catholic, and have always thought that this topic was black and white for me. I have always viewed that children should be made naturally, without science, and that is that. If you can’t have children, adopt.
However, recently, I have started babysitting for a family who have three children. She was told that she couldn’t have children, and they had their first two kids with in vitro. Then, she did get pregnant naturally and had their third child. I love all three of the kids, and have a hard to believing that the first two children shouldn’t be around because they weren’t made naturally.
This topic has become less black and white to me over the years, and has reached more of a gray area. I can understand both sides, and honestly would have a hard tie choosing one.

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One thought on “A House Divided

  1. mariegriffith says:

    I have friends who have had children by in vitro and also friends who have adopted. The parents all love the children. How I feel about the issue personally doesn’t affect how I feel about the children. I love them. Ulitmately I know that God gave each child his or her life.

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