32 Flavors

I love ice cream.
I will eat almost every flavor.

If I have a malt, my favorites are hot fugde, or chocolate marshmallow.
Normal ice cream, my favorite is chocolate caramel cashew.

But, honestly, i’ll eat almost any flavor (aside from fruity flavors) because I love ice cream.

I put toppings on my ice cream like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, peanuts, M&Ms, chocolate chips, reese’s pieces, crushed oreos.

I will also have ice cream with any kind of brownie, or cake, or cookie. Just to add some more calories right on top of the ice cream.


I am honestly obsessed with ice cream. It is a good thing I live 15 minutes away from the Ice Cream Capital of the world!

I don’t understand the people who get like vanilla ice cream and top it with strawberries and other fruits. Come on people! You don’t need to be healthy, you have to indulge yourself in the goodness and wonderfulness of ice cream and all of it’s wonders!

This post has really got me craving ice cream..

Daily Prompt


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