But No Cigar

After my sister’s freshman year in college she got an internship in Colorado working for the same company my sister in law worked with that the time. After she was done with school my mom and I drove with her out there and moved all of her stuff so she could live there for the summer. After we moved her out there my mom and I flew back, so she would have a car. 

She was set to come back home in mid august so she had time to collect herself before heading back to college. My mom or dad couldn’t fly out to bring her back because the had other committments, so my boyfriend and I bought really cheap tickets to fly there and then we would drive with her back home. 

After booking the tickets, my sister said that she wasn’t sure if she was going to be done by then or if she had to stay another week. So, we had to decide if we wanted to keep the tickets and just spend a week out in Colorado and just move her back when she was done, or if we should cancel the tickets and wait until she knew for sure.

We ended up cancelling the tickets and my sister actually ended up staying in Colorado and never moved back home. If I could do it over again, I would have kept the tickets and we could have flown out there and just spent time with my siblings and exploring Colorado, and then we could have just flown back, instead of not being able to go there at all.

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