Fearful Symmatry

Thomas the tank engine,

trudged along, fast and steady.

Turning this way and that.

Throwing his weight around.

Thinking how much he loved his job.

There was nothing like it.

through tunnels he went,

the countryisde his comanion.

Daily Prompt


The Happy Wanderer

I am the type of person who just likes to get in the car and drive. I don’t need a plan or a certain list of things to do. I am the kind of person who likes to just see things and go do. To a certain extent, I need a plan. I need to know where it is I am going, but otherwise, I like to just go out and find things to do. 

My family and I travel a lot. We don’t like to fly, we like to drive. It is the very best way to see the world. I have driven a lot of plains, I have driven the entire length of Nebraska, and of Iowa. However, I have also driven through the edge of the Appalachian mountains, which was breathtaking. I’ve driven through Nashville, and we decided to stop for a few days and just explore. We’ve stopped in no name towns in North Carolina, in West Virginia, and in Colorado. I have seen so much countryside with my family just because we decided we wanted to go on an adventure. So we pick a final destination, get in the car and just go. Stopping along the way wherever we feel like. 

In my experience, the best times I have had and the best memories I have are the ones that started with no plans. 

Daily Prompt

Full Moon

When there is a full moon, you become a person who is opposite of who you are. If that’s true, than during a full moon, I would be really mean and grumpy and crabby, and really loud all the time. I would be inconsiderate and not really care about anything. Also, I would not have senioritis and I would still really care about my classes. And I wouldn’t be tired all the time.

Thinking about being opposite of who I usually am is pretty hard, because I really am a mixture of everything depending on my mood, who I am with, and how much sleep I have gotten.  So really, I would just be the opposite of whatever I am that day. 

Daily Prompt


I have a puppy. And she’s adorable. Her name is Baya. It means “beautiful” in spanish. She is a mix of a beagle and a doxen. We got her when I was in sixth grade, as a puppy. I live on a farm, so when we went to go pick out a puppy from the litter, we were advised not to take the runt, because they didn’t think she would survive on the farm. So naturally, we picked the runt, and she is doing just fine. She is a great farm dog. She’s not very big, but she seems to think she is pretty mighty. Every time someone drives on the yard and it is a car she doesn’t recognize as someone from the family, she will bark and growl. 

She is the best dog in the world. She is so cute, and is actually a very smart dog. I am going to miss her when I go to college in the fall.


Daily Prompt


Here is a list of the top 10 places I want to visit!


2. St. Lucia Island (The Virgin Islands)

3. Ireland

4. Italy

5. Paris

6. Greenland

7. Hawaii

8. Australia

9. Washington DC (I’ve been to DC but I want to go back in the spring time when the trees are blooming!)

10. Florida (Harry Potter World!!)

Daily Prompt

Slash and Burn

The older we get, the faster time goes. The busier we get and the quicker we move through life. This is a lesson I have learned throughout my four years of high school. My freshman year was a blurr of figuring out a new life and learning new things. My sophomore year was debatably the best year of my high school career. I can’t remember a year that I was happier or that I felt like life could get any better. My junior year was a year of finding myself. My sister, my boyfriend, and my best friend all left for college and I started at a new school. After starting at that school, I transferred to another. I had to make a whole new life for myself and figure out who it was that I wanted to be. I struggled my junior year. A lot more than I would like to admit. I was used to always being with someone. My sister and I were always together and suddenly she was gone. I had my whole world figured out perfectly, and then everything changed. Now, here I am, a senior. 12 days left of classes, and I would not change a single thing for the world. I love the school I am at, I love my classmates, and I love the person I am becoming. I am extremely grateful for the journey I had to take to get tow here I am now. 

Daily Prompt

Powerful Suggestion

One piece of advice I wish someone would have given me, years ago, would be to save more money towards college. As my college years approach and my high school years come to a close, that is my biggest regret. I wish someone would have told me how much money getting a higher education costs. As a caucasian female, in the upper middle class, I got no student loans. Thankfully I have always done well academically, so I got academic scholarships, but everything else is coming out of pocket. 

I am going to have to work full time all through college, while pursuing a nursing major, just so I can hopefully graduate college under $90,000 in debt. 

Daily Prompt

Take That Rosetta!

If I woke up tomorrow and could speak any language, I would speak either French or Spanish. Saying I would speak Spanish is the pracitcal answer to the question. It would be very advantageous in our country to be able to speak both english and spanish. However, I would also love to learn french. I think it is such a beautiful language and I would love to be anle to go the France. 

However, I am a practical person, so for that reason, I would probably choose spanish. I am not sure what I would do exactly right when I found out I could, but it would come in very handy.

Daily Prompt

Our Service Trip

Yesterday, our high school went on a service trip to Omaha, Nebraska. We took two buses over and split up into groups to go to different missions and do service work. The group I was in went to a place called Lydia House. It is a place for homeless and poverty stricken people to go. They can live in apartments provided to them and get help getting back on their feet and finding their way back from whatever problems they may be having.

While we were there we packed up food and handed it out to them as they came through a line. We also restocked their racks of clothing for people to take, and organized and restocked the toys that had been donated for the children.

This service work was very eye opening to me. The thing that struck me the most was how many children that were there. We learned that the average age of a homeless child is 9 years old. Not only that, but how often they were left unattended because their mom or dad had to go and get something or do somethinga and didn’t take them with. It made me worry that someone could go by and pick them up and their parents never would have known.

I have always enjoyed doing service work. Not only is it a way to give back to our community and to help others, but I always learn a little something about myself. There is a quote, by Mother Teresa that I think really sums it up.

“If you want to find yourself, lose yourself in serving others.”

I think that there is so much truth in that, and it is something that I want to try and live by as I grow older and make my own way in life. Doing service is very fulfilling work. Giving of your time, talents, and efforts to try and help better someone else’s life is one of the best ways you can spend your times.

Senior Trip

This past weekend we went on our senior trip. Getting up to come to school today was rough. However, our senior trip was incredible. We left at 12:30 on Thursday night and drove through the night on a charter bus to Chicago. When we got to the outside of Chicago we stopped to change at a gas station because it was too early to get into our hotel rooms. Just assuming that there would be big bathrooms, we all hauled our luggage in to chage clothes and brush our teeth. However, it was a single stall, teeney tiney little bathroom. Just our luck right? We we went in in little groups and changed our clothes and brushed our teeth outside behind our bus. Good times. 

When we got to the city, we went to the aquarium, ate dinner, went to the field museum, Willis tower, ate supper, and then finally went and checked into our hotel at about 7:30. Everyone was tired, and felt incredibley gross and needed to shower. There was a swimming pool and hot tub in our hotel (on the 27th floor!!), so we swam and hung out and finally showered and got some sleep.

On Saturday, we got up and went to Millenium Park. We had about two hours to roam around and explore. I ended up going with a group of people to get cheap sunglasses because we were tired of squinting. Also, of course, we had to go get starbucks (duhh). After Millenium Park went went to a White Sox vs. Twins baseball game. I, being a Yankees fan, was very pleased with the Twin’s defeat. We had great seats, right on third baseline, in the sun, and I got some pretty sweet tan lines (gotta get rid of those before prom in two weeks). After the game, we went back to our hotel where we had two hours to makes ourselves pretty for our dinner cruise that night. I curled my hair, and my two roommates’ hair, and we were ready just in the knick of time. We boarded our charter bus and went to Navy Pier where we boarded the Spirit Cruise Ship at 7:30. 

Let me take a second to tell you how amazing this cruise was. If you are ever going to be in Chicago and are looking for a great time with great food and even better people, take a Spirit Dinner Cruise. I can not even begin to describe how great the food was and how incredibly breathtaking the skyline view was on the upper deck of the ship. Combine that with a great DJ and a dance floor, and you have yourself a time you will not soon forget.

After our cruise was over, we went back to our hotel and just hung out and had some fun together as a class. 

On Sunday, we got up and went to 10:30 mass, got some  more Starbucks (coffee duhh), changed, boarded the bus, and started our journey home. 

Below I have linked a video taken on the cruise ship. Enjoy!

Don’t Stop Believin’