When I text I think I communicate about the same as when I talk in person. However, in e-mail, I think I tend to be more formal than I would ever be in person. 

Also, I think I can get a point across better in text or e-mail, at least initially, because I can think about it before I type it. I can stop and decide what I want to say, and just delete something that I decide I don’t want to say. For that reason, I think I sometimes have a hard time effectively communicating face to face, because I like to think things through before I say anything so what I say actually has meaning. I am the type of person who values words so I don’t like just spitting random strings of words at people when it really wasn’t what I wanted to say.

It is very hard for me, face to face, to have a serious conversation spurr of the moment, because it is hard for me to put what I’m thinking into words. There are so many words out there and it is like I need to flip through them all in my head to find the perfect one for what I am trying to say. It is definitely something that I need to work on and get better at. 

Daily Prompt


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