Exciting News

When I get exciting news, I tell people, right away. I’m honestly not an expressiv person or very loud, so I don’t yell or scream or anything like that. I am the kind of person who gets internally excited, but I don’t ususally show it except for a smile. 

When exciting things happen to me, I like to share it with the people I am close to. When I am happy, I need to share my happiness. I thrive off of other people’s excitement…I love to see people’s reactions when the get good news. Seeing their face light up and watching the smile and laugh, it makes me happy. 

I am kind of a contained, controlled person. I like to keep my emotions in check, and only show what I choose to show. I don’t like to over advertise any type of emotion, happy or sad. Sometimes I like that about myself and sometimes I don’t.

I am not one for shouting and jumping up and down and yelling with excitement, so I like to tell other people and they can do all of that stuff for me.

Daily Prompt


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