Senior Trip

This past weekend we went on our senior trip. Getting up to come to school today was rough. However, our senior trip was incredible. We left at 12:30 on Thursday night and drove through the night on a charter bus to Chicago. When we got to the outside of Chicago we stopped to change at a gas station because it was too early to get into our hotel rooms. Just assuming that there would be big bathrooms, we all hauled our luggage in to chage clothes and brush our teeth. However, it was a single stall, teeney tiney little bathroom. Just our luck right? We we went in in little groups and changed our clothes and brushed our teeth outside behind our bus. Good times. 

When we got to the city, we went to the aquarium, ate dinner, went to the field museum, Willis tower, ate supper, and then finally went and checked into our hotel at about 7:30. Everyone was tired, and felt incredibley gross and needed to shower. There was a swimming pool and hot tub in our hotel (on the 27th floor!!), so we swam and hung out and finally showered and got some sleep.

On Saturday, we got up and went to Millenium Park. We had about two hours to roam around and explore. I ended up going with a group of people to get cheap sunglasses because we were tired of squinting. Also, of course, we had to go get starbucks (duhh). After Millenium Park went went to a White Sox vs. Twins baseball game. I, being a Yankees fan, was very pleased with the Twin’s defeat. We had great seats, right on third baseline, in the sun, and I got some pretty sweet tan lines (gotta get rid of those before prom in two weeks). After the game, we went back to our hotel where we had two hours to makes ourselves pretty for our dinner cruise that night. I curled my hair, and my two roommates’ hair, and we were ready just in the knick of time. We boarded our charter bus and went to Navy Pier where we boarded the Spirit Cruise Ship at 7:30. 

Let me take a second to tell you how amazing this cruise was. If you are ever going to be in Chicago and are looking for a great time with great food and even better people, take a Spirit Dinner Cruise. I can not even begin to describe how great the food was and how incredibly breathtaking the skyline view was on the upper deck of the ship. Combine that with a great DJ and a dance floor, and you have yourself a time you will not soon forget.

After our cruise was over, we went back to our hotel and just hung out and had some fun together as a class. 

On Sunday, we got up and went to 10:30 mass, got some  more Starbucks (coffee duhh), changed, boarded the bus, and started our journey home. 

Below I have linked a video taken on the cruise ship. Enjoy!

Don’t Stop Believin’


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