Senior Y ear Reflection

The days are winding down. As I sit here in class for the last time. Today is my last day of high school. It is rather surreal. This is something I have been working towards for 13 years. Today it ends. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it all. 

I like high school. I’m good at high school. I have this place figured out. I know everyone and everyone knows me. I say hi to everyone in the halls and I’m always smiling. I know my teachers and they know me. 

It hasn’t quite hit me yet, but it is beginning to. It’s bitter sweet. On one hand I am ready to move on and start a new adventure. However, I like this adventure. I like these people. They are my people. 

I’m going to clean out my locker today after lunch. I think it will hit me then. I am going to be done here. I am going to walk out of here today and then that’s it. 

This is my second year at this highschool, so part of me feels like I should still have two more. 

If you ask me if I’m excited to be done and to graduate the answer is yes. But I am also sad. Sadder than I ever thought I would be. I remember watching my sister and my boyfriend graduate two years ago and all i wanted was to be there with them graduating and I was counting the days until ti was my turn. Now that is it, I’m not sure sure I’m ready. I feel like I am too young for this. I’m not ready to be a grown up. I’m not ready to be on my own.

I am from a small town, of 1,000 people. My graduating class is 24. In 4 months, I’m packing up and moving to the city. Leaving everything and everyone that I know behind and starting all over. 

Everyone always said that senior years flys by. I never believed them. But here I am, testifying that it really does fly by. Looking back, I feel like the year just started. I feel like I woke up one day and I was starting senior year and the next day here I am, finishing. 

It’s a high emotion day. Happy, sad, excited, nervous. It’s going to be a high emotion week next week. We go on senior retreat and we have an awards day. We have baccalaureate. I have my graduation party and I have commencement. 

After today I am really done here. No more tests, no more school lunches, no more odd things happeneing and everyone just laughing saying “welcome to RSM.” 

As you can see, I am a huge mix of emotions and my mind is scattered about like pieces of a puzzle that haven’t been put together yet.  


Green Eyed Lady

I am really not the jealous type. I don’t get jealous about a lot of things, and thinking about it right now, I can’t really think of much that makes me jealous. I guess the one thing that makes me jealous (and it’s kind of nerdy), is when someone does better than me on an assignment or a test. It’s kind of dumb, but I get a little envious when I don’t do the best on a test or when I don’t set the curve in a class. 

I’m not sure why, but I am very competitive with grades and things like that. I’m very hard on myself about things like that.

Daily Prompt

You, The Sandwich

If a restaraunt were to name something after me, it would more than likely be an iced coffee. Not because I have some sort of metaphore in which I am iced coffee or because it fits my personality. Nothing fancy like that. I just happen to be deeply in love with iced coffee. 

It would be called Kim’s Iced Baby.

I know….the name needs some work. 

It would have to be like a cinnamon and caramel flavor. With fun shaped ice cubes. Very yummy. Maybe a little heavy on the caramel and light on the cinnamon. And two shots of expresso!  

Daily Prompt


I’m really not sure what my ideal community would be. Growing up on a farm in the middle of no where, the only community I know is my family, my dog, and my 1,000 head of cattle. I love it that way. I wouldn’t change the way I grew up for anything. We moved onto our farm when I was just one year old. I have memories of playing baseball games on a patch our our grass (which is about the size of a regulation baseball field) and being able to yell and scream and run around at all hours without worrying about bothering neighbors. It is honestly like my own little world out there. It is surrounded by trees on two sides, by cattle yards on one, and by a silo on the other. When you drive onto our driveway, it’s like driving into a fortress, the tress make a sort of canopy over the driveway and in the fall we have bales lined up so it looks like your own personal welcoming committee.

I guess you could say my ideal community is no community at all. I mean I love the idea of the strenghth and sense of family that you could get in a tightly knit and loving community, but I wouldn’t change my community for anything.

Daily Prompt

Coming to a Bookshelf Near You

Sophie has spent her whole life with her nose in a book. She’s never felt the need to make friends when she had so many fictional ones, and she had no need to have a life when she could live a new one every time she picked up a book.  

When an unexpected illness takes away her ability to see, her life is turned upside down. Sophie has to reinvent her life, or maybe invent one for the first time. She has no life without reading, and she has no identity without storylines. How can she fill a void this size? She’s never been good with people and she wouldn’t even know how to have a conversation with anyone besides her parents and her stuffed Horse Whinny. 

Join Sophie on her adventure to invent a life outside of the fictional world, as she learns how to open up to others and the possibility of friendship. There is beauty in this world beyond that of sight. 

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt

I am not a fan of today’s daily prompt, so, instead I will make up my own. My daily prompt is: If you knew that you could not fail, what is the one thing you would attempt to do?

If I knew that I could not fail, I would go to college and on to med school to become a doctor. However, as it is, I don’t think I would be able to handle that much schooling and lose that many years of my life just to become a Doctor. I also don’t know if I would be good enough at all of the math and sciences and the memorization and everything that goes in to being in medical school.

 That’s why I want to become a nurse. A nice 4 year program and then I am done. I would like to be a pediatric oncology nurse. Which basically means I want to work with and take care of kids who have cancer. It’s the one thing in my life that I have actually felt called to do. I feel like it is what I am supposed to be in my life.