I’m really not sure what my ideal community would be. Growing up on a farm in the middle of no where, the only community I know is my family, my dog, and my 1,000 head of cattle. I love it that way. I wouldn’t change the way I grew up for anything. We moved onto our farm when I was just one year old. I have memories of playing baseball games on a patch our our grass (which is about the size of a regulation baseball field) and being able to yell and scream and run around at all hours without worrying about bothering neighbors. It is honestly like my own little world out there. It is surrounded by trees on two sides, by cattle yards on one, and by a silo on the other. When you drive onto our driveway, it’s like driving into a fortress, the tress make a sort of canopy over the driveway and in the fall we have bales lined up so it looks like your own personal welcoming committee.

I guess you could say my ideal community is no community at all. I mean I love the idea of the strenghth and sense of family that you could get in a tightly knit and loving community, but I wouldn’t change my community for anything.

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