Senior Y ear Reflection

The days are winding down. As I sit here in class for the last time. Today is my last day of high school. It is rather surreal. This is something I have been working towards for 13 years. Today it ends. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it all. 

I like high school. I’m good at high school. I have this place figured out. I know everyone and everyone knows me. I say hi to everyone in the halls and I’m always smiling. I know my teachers and they know me. 

It hasn’t quite hit me yet, but it is beginning to. It’s bitter sweet. On one hand I am ready to move on and start a new adventure. However, I like this adventure. I like these people. They are my people. 

I’m going to clean out my locker today after lunch. I think it will hit me then. I am going to be done here. I am going to walk out of here today and then that’s it. 

This is my second year at this highschool, so part of me feels like I should still have two more. 

If you ask me if I’m excited to be done and to graduate the answer is yes. But I am also sad. Sadder than I ever thought I would be. I remember watching my sister and my boyfriend graduate two years ago and all i wanted was to be there with them graduating and I was counting the days until ti was my turn. Now that is it, I’m not sure sure I’m ready. I feel like I am too young for this. I’m not ready to be a grown up. I’m not ready to be on my own.

I am from a small town, of 1,000 people. My graduating class is 24. In 4 months, I’m packing up and moving to the city. Leaving everything and everyone that I know behind and starting all over. 

Everyone always said that senior years flys by. I never believed them. But here I am, testifying that it really does fly by. Looking back, I feel like the year just started. I feel like I woke up one day and I was starting senior year and the next day here I am, finishing. 

It’s a high emotion day. Happy, sad, excited, nervous. It’s going to be a high emotion week next week. We go on senior retreat and we have an awards day. We have baccalaureate. I have my graduation party and I have commencement. 

After today I am really done here. No more tests, no more school lunches, no more odd things happeneing and everyone just laughing saying “welcome to RSM.” 

As you can see, I am a huge mix of emotions and my mind is scattered about like pieces of a puzzle that haven’t been put together yet.  


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