harry potter

In my opinion, the seven book series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling is the best book series ever written. First, for the most obvious reason: it is an entertaining series that has something for everyone. The plot is suspenseful and keep you guessing until the very end. The characters are relatable and they each have their own individual story and background. It is a series with the perfect combination of suspense, friendship, loyalty, love, and heroism.

The second, less obvious reason, is the amount of background and unknown facts that are intertwined with the story. Each thing was carefully thought out by J.K. Rowling. Even the smallest of details were planned out exactly how she wanted them. Here are a couple of examples:



The character Remus Lupin is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor in Harry’s third year at Hogwarts. He also happens to be a werewolf. Did you know: Remus is the name of one of the two mythical Roman twins raised by wolves. Lupin is a derivative of the Latin word “lupinus” which means “wolfish”.

Hermione and Ron are Harry’s two best friends. Ron falls in love with Hermione early on in the series, but it takes Hermione the rest of the series to love him back. Their patronuses (a happy spell that takes the shape of an animal and drives away dementors) are connected. Ron’s is a jack russell terrier. Hermione’s is an otter. In real life, jack russell terriers are known for chasing otters.

There are so many factors that went in to every detail that J.K. Rowling wrote. Everything is connected in one way or another. That’s why, in my opinion, the book series Harry Potter is the best book series ever written.