32 Flavors

I love ice cream.
I will eat almost every flavor.

If I have a malt, my favorites are hot fugde, or chocolate marshmallow.
Normal ice cream, my favorite is chocolate caramel cashew.

But, honestly, i’ll eat almost any flavor (aside from fruity flavors) because I love ice cream.

I put toppings on my ice cream like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, peanuts, M&Ms, chocolate chips, reese’s pieces, crushed oreos.

I will also have ice cream with any kind of brownie, or cake, or cookie. Just to add some more calories right on top of the ice cream.


I am honestly obsessed with ice cream. It is a good thing I live 15 minutes away from the Ice Cream Capital of the world!

I don’t understand the people who get like vanilla ice cream and top it with strawberries and other fruits. Come on people! You don’t need to be healthy, you have to indulge yourself in the goodness and wonderfulness of ice cream and all of it’s wonders!

This post has really got me craving ice cream..

Daily Prompt


Travel Colorado

I currently have a sister, a brother, and a sister – in – law living in Denver, CO. Along with an aunt and uncle and a few cousins living throughout the state. So, I visit there a lot. I have been going to Colorado to visit my brother since 2010. My sister moved there this past summer. I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge about Denver and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to travel Colorado, here are a few ideas:

Dillon, Colorado:
Dillion is a small town nestled in the mountains, centered around Lake Dillion. My family and I went there this summer, and I cannot say enough good things about it. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway with a view that can not even be described, Dillion is your place.
The lake is as clean as can be. While, people are not allowed to swim in it (who would want to? burrrr), you are allowed to Kyak, paddle board, rent a sail boat, etc. and use the lake in that way. Also, every Friday and Saturday night there is live music played out on a stage by the lake, walking distance from a beach.
It is also conveniently located just 45 minutes from the busy and beautiful town of Breckenridge.
I really can’t say enough good things about my time spent in Dillion.


Lodos Restaraunt:
Lodos is located near downtown Denver. If you are looking for great food, this is where you want to be. However, there is more to it than that! In the summer time, you can sit out on their second story deck, and enjoy a beautiful view of both the mountains and the Denver skyline while you eat your delicious meal.

Fort Collins, CO:
I am in love with the little city. Disney Land’s shops and town area is modeled after this city’s charming downtown.
I was in Fort Collins in November, so everything was lit up with Christmas lights and was absolutely amazing to see.
While you are there, look out for the old school arcade. This is where my siblings and I spent a few hours of our night. Exchanging dollar bills for quarters and playing games like Pac Man, Ski Ball, Air Hockey, and every other old school arcade game that you can think of.
Fort Collins is such a charming and quaint place to spend an evening. There is something for every age. I promise you will not get bored.

41st Street Mall:
41st Street is right in the middle of downtown Denver. It is filled with different stores, restaraunts, and things to do. In the winter time, there is an outdoor ice rink set up for anyone to use, and there are shows there every now and then on weekend nights.

One thing that I really like about Colorado is that there are bike trails and running trails going almost anywhere you want to go. With such a beautiful climate, no one wants to be stuck inside, so there are a variety of things for you to do outdoors.

Also, throughout Denver and the surrounding areas, you will run into random pianos that are painted vibrant colors just sitting on the sidewalks or in alleys. The idea of this, is for people to sit down and play, to fill the city with it’s residents music.

What Should I Do For Lent?

It’s that time of year, where people start asking each other the question, “What are you giving up for lent?”
I myself have asked this question to just about everyone I know at one time or another. But, as I thought about asking it this year, I wondered two things.
1. What if it isn’t about what you give up?
2. Why am I basing my actions off of other people’s choices?
So this year, I have tried to put more thought into lent on my own than I normally have.
Yes, I am still going to give something up, because I am a track athlete and lent happens to land in the midst of track season, it’s a good way to get myself to eat healthier during the season. This year, I am going to give up sweets. This means anything chocolate, cake, cookies, pie, bars, candy, everything.
In addition to that, I am going to start making my bed every morning. The only person this really affects is me, because no one else ever goes into my room, but not making my bed is a bad habit I have developed over the years. I would like to kick that habit before going to college and living in a dorm. Making my bed will just make my room look cleaner and help keep my sheets cleaner longer.
Also, I am going to aim to do at least two unnecessary acts of kindness every day. Just little trivial things that make my day when others do it for me. Like, holding a door for me, or carrying something for me. Waving to people as I drive by them or smiling and saying hi to people when I pass them in the hallway or on the street. If i go to a drive through, maybe pay it forward and pay for the person’s meal behind me a few times.
Things that people never really think about doing and don’t think anything of doing them when they do. Things that make others smile, and also, when you think about it, make your day too.
Lent should be a time of year that everyone turns in ward and works on themselves and who they are vs who they want to be.
I encourage people to stop asking others what they are doing for lent, and start asking yourself who you want to be, and what you can do this lent to get yourself closer to being that person.

The Transporter

If I were to set a sound track to the story of my childhood, it would be, hands down, “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. It doesn’t really make any sense, especially with what the song is about. However, I can remember numerous times that my whole family would be in the car, and that song would come on and we would all sing along.

I was too young to understand what it was actually about. I just liked the happy beat and the phrase “fish in the sea”.

Even now, when that song comes on, I can’t help but smile and turn it up to sing along. It doesn’t really make any sense, but it puts me in a good mood and brings back nothing but happy memories.

Daily Prompt



Three siblings
together for awhile
to love, to laugh, and to smile.

Together to share stories,
to share secrets.

Together to be there for a sister
as she tells their parents
she will not return to college.

Together to celebrate
the youngest sister’s eighteenth birthday.

Together to laugh at
the memories of each other
at a younger age
and a simpler time.

When the boy lived at home
the first sister got straight A’s
and the youngest still believed in cooties.

Together to take in the rolling mountain view
that has become the boy’s home.
And will soon become home to the eldest sister.

Together to be a family.
If only for awhile,
to love, to laugh, and to smile.

No, Thanks

There are a lot of beautiful places in the world today. Every place has it’s own kind of beauty. Whether it’s the plains of Iowa, where you can see a watercolor sunset for miles. The coast off of North Carolina,  where you may walk for miles on sandy beaches, digging your toes into the warm soft sand, listening to the melodic sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Or the Glacier Mountains of Montana, with rolling views of breath taking landscape in every directions.

While there is incredible views all over the world,  there are also places in the world that I would never want to visit. For example, I would never want to visit Bejiing. While I am sure that it has it’s own beauty, like all places do, it is too crowded for me. With the buildings suffocatingly close together, and so many people that you can be pushed, pulled, and shoved all at the same time until your body is screaming to be left alone, and traffic jams so long, the wind around like a modern day Great Wall of China.

I am a small town Iowa girl who needs space to run and quiet to relax. I place as busy and crowded as Bejiing is no place for a girl like me.

Daily Prompt


Breaking the Law

I don’t see how anyone would think that talking on the internet about the last time they broke a law is a good idea. Especially in a bigger way than going over the speed limit or J-walking.

The next thing you know, a teenager talks about getting away with underage drinking or stealing from Wal Mart, and someone reads the post that knows the kid’s parents and one thing leads to another and they end up in deep doo doo.

I could talk on here about things I have done that would be considered questionable in the eyes of the law, but I won’t, because putting that type of thing out there on the internet is never a smart idea. If a few years from now my future employer finds this blog and starts to read about rebellious things I have done, it wouldn’t shed a good light on who I actually am.

I’m a teenager, and like all teenagers I have obviously made some questionable choices and done some not so perfect things. However, that doesn’t mean that I should air my dirty laundry on the internet for someone to dig up later and use against me.

Daily Prompt

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

My school shut down. My sister graduated and left. My best friend graduated and left. I started a new school. On my first day of my junior year of high school, I walked into a classroom full of faces that I didn’t recognize.  My fellow classmates that had decided to go to this same school, had been spilt up from me, and I never saw them. It was crowded and cold and robotic.

Two weeks into the school year I was unhappy and a little lost. I decided to go to a volleyball game at a different school and watch one of my old classmates play.  I walked into the school, and something felt different. It felt homey, it felt comfortable. I sat down in the stands with my mom, and I watched the game. I saw her smiling and laughing with her team mates. She seemed genuinly happy. I wished that I could be that happy in my school.

After the game she came up and gave me a big hug. She had brought a couple of her team mates with her that wanted to say hi. We talked for a long time, and they teased me about how I should transfer there and how much fun we would have.

A picture from the night I decided to transfer

A picture from the night I decided to transfer


The idea settled in my head that night, and in my head, they had made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. I wanted to be as happy as my friend was. I wanted to walk into the school that felt comfortable. That felt like home.

I went to my mom that night and told her that I wanted to transfer. I think she saw in my eyes exactly what I was feeling, because she never questioned it. She just said, “Okay, let’s go talk to your dad.”

So we did. We talked for a long time that night, and when I finally went to bed, I felt at peace for the first time in a very long time.

The next day, in my second period class, the principal came and pulled me out. We went to his office where my mom was and we talked for awhile. Then I went to my locker, cleared out my stuff and I walked out. No one knew, and it was best that way.

I drove home, and my mom and I went to my new school. We talked to my new principal and the secrataries. I toured the school and met some of my new classmates.

I started school there the next day, and it was the best decision I have ever made. I am forever grateful for my old friend and for my new friends, who made me an offer that night that I could not refuse.

Morton’s Fork

If I had to choose between writing a blog and reading others, I would read other people’s blogs. I wouldn’t be able to survive if I couldn’t get recipe’s off of blogs that are linked to Pinterest.

I am very entertained by other people’s blogs and by what others have to say.

On the other hand, if everyone chose to read blogs and not write them, there would be no blogs for anyone to read.

I feel that if given the choice, many people would choose to read other people’s blogs so they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge. So, someone is going to have to take one for the team and write a blog instead of reading them, so the rest of us have something to read.

Daily Prompt

Justification of Coffee

Coffee is the only reason that people don’t physically harm other people in the early mornings. Coffee is what gets some people out of bed in the morning. It puts people in a better mood, it warms them up and gives them something to do on their breaks. It used to be smoking breaks. Now it is slowly turning into coffee breaks.

Coffee keeps you warm

Coffee keeps you warm

Not only is coffee yummy, it is also turning into a social event. Coffee shops are where you go to meet an old friend to catch up with them. It is where college students go to study and burn the midnight oil.

It is safe to say that the world wouldn’t run as efficiently and people wouldn’t be as happy if there was no coffee in the world

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